Currently there is an increasing need for each company to have a presence in digital channels, in order to meet each of the objectives they have in mind. That is how digital marketing agencies become very relevant.

This kind of agencies are specialized in offering solutions in different digital channels. With which your company will be able to show results in the short, medium and long term. In the following article, we will review in detail what they do, the services they provide and how to choose a digital marketing agency. 

What do digital marketing agencies do?

Digital marketing agencies are those that are in charge of designing a company’s online marketing strategies and executing them.

  In order to ensure that it can become attractive, eye-catching and impact its current customers and attract new people who are interested in the company’s services. These agencies seek to build a brand link with clients and those potential consumers in a digital environment. The objective is to monitor results and interactions, in order to make decisions or take actions continuing with successful strategies and optimizing those that require greater impact. Agencies are specialized in analyzing the position of companies and offer different methodologies and solutions that are in line with the needs of the current market. This could be very useful for new business in order to achieve new clients and for the brand to stand out in the digital environment. 

What are the services provided by a digital agency?

It is important to clarify that the focus of a digital marketing agency may vary, depending on its field of action. Knowing that in the online environment there are many strategies that can be implemented.

  Therefore, many offer a big portfolio of services or focus on two or three services. That’s why it is important that we talk about the services that can be provided by a digital agency, we will focus on the most demanded today.

Inbound marketing

This kind of methodology focuses on attracting users naturally through the creation of valuable content. The objective is to follow up on Leads that are interested in the brand and obtain a higher conversion rate. It is one of the most demanded strategies nowadays, as it is one of the least invasive and meets the specific needs required by Internet users.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a main pillar to complement the strategies defined in Inbound Marketing. The objective is to create and share content targeted to your audience. For this purpose, different resources can be used, such as a blog, digital guides, infographics, presentations, among others.

  It is usually linked to SEO, considering that in order to obtain organic traffic it is essential to create content constantly and thus achieve the long-awaited positioning in search engines.

E-mail marketing

This is one of the most contemplated actions to obtain a higher level of return on investment (ROI). It consists of sending mass mailings to a database of users, either subscribed customers or prospective customers. There are different types of e-mail marketing according to the company’s objectives.

  They can be informative, advertising, commercial, transactional and many others. A highly recommended strategy to create a relationship of closeness and loyalty with the brand. Here it is important that you never send these kinds of campaigns to purchased databases, as this practice is penalized by most platforms, wasting your time and money. It is best to use inbound and content marketing strategies to build your own databases.

SEO and SEM positioning

Many digital agencies focus on offering organic and paid search engine optimization services. As in the Internet’s giant: Google.

  In the case of SEO, the goal is to position the site of a brand through different practices and content creation considering several important guidelines, which will generate traffic and visits, which will translate into attracting new customers and loyalty to those who create and purchase products or services of the brand. While SEM is done through the payment of advertising and keyword positioning to appear in the first places of the search engines.

Web design and development

First of all, web design consists of determining the entire appearance of the company’s website, which are directed to the fulfillment of the business objectives. Such as custom websites, landing pages, CMS like WordPress and E-Commerce platforms.

  Secondly, web development is in charge of the more specific part, which is the development of complex applications or webs in which many hours are invested for their programming, considering that they are designed with customized functionalities according to the requirements of each client.

Social media

There are many agencies specialized in the management and administration of the different social networks, where a proper planning of content is done to attract traffic and create greater closeness with the audience.

  It is important to clarify that not all social networks are managed for all companies, this depends on their target audience and the strategy that has been proposed. Ads on social networks are fundamental allies to reach a best segmented audience.

How to choose a digital marketing agency?

There are many digital marketing agencies, so when choosing the ideal one, you should consider the following tips:

  • Before finding the right agency, it is critical that you keep in mind what you are looking for, if you already have a presence in the digital environment or if you are about to take your first steps. 
  • As you have already seen, there are agencies specialized in one or two services or those with a broad portfolio of services. In that sense, explore what they could contribute to your strategy according to your current needs. 
  • Ask for clarity in the reports and the way in which results will be measured. Ask about the performance indicators and the timeframe for analyzing the evolution of the campaigns. 
  • Ask what their most resounding failures have been, why they believe they occurred and how they have dealt with them, so you will know how they would react in case of failure with any point of your strategy.
  • Finally, try to find an agency that listens to your requests, and is clear on the strategies to be used.  


Digital marketing agencies are very good allies for any business today, considering the need to have a good presence in the digital environment.

  It is therefore important to hire the services of a digital agency with which you can define the best strategy for your business to achieve the objectives you have set. It is important that you review the services they provide and how soon you can start to see the expected results. Follow us on our social networks to receive more content like this.

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