We live in a world in continuous change and evolution in which technology advances so fast that is harder and harder to keep up with its rhythm. It’s hard, yes…but for many people is also essential, especially for those who sell any product or offer any kind of service. Those are who definitely most move in the Digital Marketing field.

That’s why the traditional publicity strategies (known as offline strategies) of the companies must migrate to the online or digital form which is, not only faster and more accessible, but also cheaper.

There are multiple strategies for publicizing products and services in the digital marketing world and because of the technology’s omnipresence in our lives, agencies that are at the service of companies must make sure to use as many as possible.

In this article, however, we pursue to go deep in a key factor for publicizing any business through the internet: SEO.

But, what is SEO? First, we must know the meaning of this acronym: Search Engine Optimization, which contains several techniques to optimize a website in order to place it in the best positions of the internet browsers which, invariably, generates confidence in the potential costumers or consumers. For this reason, SEO constitutes the most important and effective strategy to publicize any kind of service or product keeping in mind that having a better positioning, websites obtain also better earnings towards the future.

However, SEO owes its functionality and importance to its basic pillar: content marketing.

Content Marketing

It’s probably one of the most underestimated aspects of digital marketing and turns to be essential to really attract public. It’s thoroughly proved the efficacy of a content creation strategy aggressive enough even having a little investment in advertisement.

To create a good content, however, it’s essential to keep in mind some aspects:

The text: It’s very important to demonstrate knowledge of the subject but is also very important to have a well-structured content. For this purpose, we have tools such as Yoast and Semrush that offer advice about the number of words, the appropriateness of a link and, of course, also corrects the spelling and the grammar in order to make the content much more understandable.

The blogs are a key resource to develop a website content which, in turn, should fulfill three basic requirements: having an attractive title (which could or could not attract the public to read the content) the option of sharing (it is essential that those who read the article can also share it in order to generate more traffic) and the option of comment (which make possible the interaction between the author and the readers).

The video (Videomarketing): Known as the most effective resource due to its audiovisual nature, videos are considered as a basic tool to such a degree that nowadays it is inconceivable to make a marketing strategy without appealing to it. The video biggest advantage is that mixes efficiency with economy since offers a really big range with a limited budget.

In the video making matter, one of the most useful and simple tools is Filmora, which allows to make and edit well-structured videos in a short time.

Infographics: Since it is easier for the brain to get information from images, infographics constitute another useful tool in the digital marketing world which combines knowledge with creativity presenting a product. The most used tools in the infographics making are Piktochart and Canva which are consolidated especially for the importance of the format of the images that are uploaded to the web keeping in mind the impact of the format of the images getting a better placing for the websites. It is also relevant to point at the importance of the labels for, like in the case of the format of images, obtaining a right indexing in the internet browsers, especially, in Google.

Live broadcasts: Those are performed mainly through social networks such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram but there are also tools like OBS Studio which allows performing more sophisticated, and therefore, more professional broadcasts. The live broadcasts are important since give the chance to serve as a guide for the product or service that is being offered, as well as its uses. Besides, one of the greatest advantages of the live broadcasts is its ability to attract a massive percentage of public which results in an exponential growth of the number of potential customers.

Podcast: Constitute one of the most used resources of the last years. Its main advantage is that public can gain access to it through different means since this is a distinctly auditory resource. Among the most used tools for the podcasts performing is Anchor, which allows to edit and upload the podcasts to digital platforms without any cost.

E-mail marketing: Creating good quality content is not enough, it is also necessary to spread it and, since the range in the social network has been decreasing through the last years, the e-mail marketing has become an efficient resource to get a larger number of users by sending personalized content through e-mail.

The SEO, however, is not only about generating content, but also making use of the external resources such as the georeferencing. Hich is a tool that allows to know the exact location (through Google Maps), the address, the schedules and the phone numbers of a company or a commercial office in a city and allows the costumers to leave a review and rate it.

It is also complemented with the use of tools like Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Smartlook and CRM which measure the user’s preferences and experience on the website and keeps track of the visits.

That’s how SEO, besides placing websites in the internet browsers, focus in satisfying the users needs and make their experience searching products or services more pleasant by expanding the information through different means which make it an essential and indispensable factor in the digital marketing world.

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