If you write articles or create websites, doing keyword research with Google can help you earn extra money. By using the GoogleAds keyword tool, you can increase search engine results for your page rank when people search for the topic covered by your articles, site or blog. You can also make money by finding the keywords that have the highest pay-per-click value.


Access the GoogleAds keyword tool website. Limited use of the keyword tool is free, and no registration is required. However, access to important cost-per-click information is only available to those with a free GoogleAds account. Type a word or phrase in the search box or enter the URL of your site or blog in the “Site” field. Enter the security code and click the “search” button.

A list of keywords appears. Go to the “columns” tab and select “approximate CPC”. This adds a column for keywords that shows the amount of money you can earn using that keyword. Keywords with large dollar figures are desirable.

Read the “local monthly searches” and “global monthly searches” to see how many people are searching for that word. Choose high pay-per-click terms that also show high monthly search volume and use them in your articles, website or blog to get more visitors and revenue.

Tips & Warnings

You do not need a Google Adsense account to use the keyword tool.

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