Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays and for many people is the favorite. It is important, however, to use the appropriate quotes to accompany the photos or images that you post in this social network to increase your engagement, allowing a bigger interaction with your public and getting likes and comments in your posts.

But choosing those striking quotes for Instagram is not always a simple task, we know that in some cases you can get involved in a big dilemma because you don’t find the appropriate words to accompany your post and bring the message that will impact your audience.

That’s why, we have decided to make this post which will show you 30 quotes for Instagram that you will be able to include in your publications according to the message that you want to bring.

So, let’s start.

30 best quotes for Instagram   

Now we’ll check on the best 30 quotes for Instagram that you can include in your marketing strategy, which we have divided in different categories, according to the objective and the message that you want to give.

Remember that we intend to connect with our audience, so an inspiring quote, that motivates, will be the best bridge to get followers, likes and, of course, comments that increase your visibility and give you recognition in this social network.

Quotes for Instagram: about love and friendship 

In Instagram we can find every kind of public, for this reason, it is ideal to use quotes that can connect with people of any age.

You surely want to keep solid relations and a loyal public for your brand, that even repost your publications that are interesting for them.

And what could be better to move that quotes allusive to love and friendship? Well, here we share our first list of famous quotes allusive to these subjects.

1.) We must know that there is no country over the earth where love hasn’t turned lovers into poets – Voltaire.

2.)There are loves so beautiful that justify all the crazy things that make us do – Plutarch.

3.) At the end, we won’t remember too much the words from our enemies, but the silences from our friends – Martin Luther King Jr.

4.) Our friendship doesn’t depend on things like space or time – Richard Bach.

5.) Everything that is done for love, is done beyond good and evil – Friedrich Nietzche.

6.) A good friend is the one who knows everything about you and in spite of that loves you – Elbert Hubbard.

7.) The first love is the one we love the must, the others we love better – Antoine de Saint Exupery.

8.) There are a lot of partners, truly friends just a few – Steven Santana.

9.) The love is the main antidote against resentment and hate – Walter Risso.

10.)Take your time to choose a friend, but be even slower to change him – Benjamin Franklin.

Quotes You Can Use in Instagram: about incentive and personal growth

Social networks besides becoming a space for entertainment and amusement, have consolidated as an endless source of quotes that make people feel identified and even motivated while facing adverse situations.

In turn, the same quotes usually serve as an antidote for getting over and also applies to some difficult situation people is going through.

For those reasons, it’s very useful to use this kind of quotes from Instagram as a focal point that your followers can identify. Here we share, others of the most noted quotes from recognized historical personalities.

11.) Pain is something temporary, it can last for a minute, an hour, a day or a year, but at the end it will be over and other thing will take its place. But, if I give up, that pain will last for ever – Lance Armstrong. 

 12.) I can take the fail. Everyone fails at something. What I can’t take is not trying – Michael Jordan.

13.) It’s never too late to be the person you could have been – George Elliot.

14.) Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear to fail – Paulo Coelho.

15.) Life is short, the youth is limited and the opportunities are endless – Justin Rosenstein.

16.) The enterprising always look for the change, responds to it and uses it as an opportunity – Peter Drucker.

17.) Five minutes are enough to dream a whole life, that relative the time is – Mario Benedetti.

18.) The most lost days of your life are those when you don’t smile – Cummings

19.) Just those who dare to suffer big failures are capable to get big success – Will Smith.

20.) Those who dream during the day are conscious of so many things that scape from those who dream only during the night – Edgar Allan Poe.

Quotes that you can use in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the best alternatives to approach your audience and getting a biggest interaction.

That’s why, including quotes of different subjects is very important to obtain recognition and of course make your followers feel identified with the brand. Let’s see some examples you can use:

21.) Freedom is in being the masters of our own life – Plato.

22.) Love the life that you have so you can live the life that you love – Hussein Nishah.

23.) Those who know how to thing, don’t need masters – Mahatma Gandhi.

24.) The way to start is stop talking and start to do it – Walt Disney.

25.) The only way to have a great job is loving what you do – Steve Jobs.

26.) Keep your face to the sunlight and you won’t be able to see the shadow – Helen Keller.

27.) Never allow anyone to tell you that you are not able to do something – Will Smith.

28.) We are what we choose to be – Jean Paul Sartre.

29.) Smiling is cheaper than electricity and gives more light – Scottish proverb.

30.) Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional – Buda Gautama.


The quotes for Instagram are an excellent resource to accompany your photos, images and even videos. With them you can obtain a bigger interaction and getting relevance and recognition in the area.

Besides, it’s an effective way to increase your community or improve loyalty in your current followers, by touching their emotions and connecting with them in a more personal level. For that purpose, you can use quotes about love, friendship, personal growth or inspiring to include in your publications.

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