The essence of Instagram lies in the option of sharing immediately, or whenever you want, the photos you take using a mobile device. Therefore, unlike other applications, you can only upload photos from the app on a smartphone and not from a computer, although that is just the theory, since there are methods to do so.

Instagram is one of the most used applications, although it is true that lately it has lost the essence of a photographic-only app. Its continuous improvements, such as including live videos and even video calls, mean that the photo has lost some ground but still has an essential weight.
The most active users want to be able to post photos at any time, and from any device. The most common, and easiest, is from the cell phone using the application. But it can also be done from the PC. A priori it only allows to see the profile or that of other users of the social network, without having the option to publish new post with the photos.

But there are several ways:
From a Chrome browser.

It may be somewhat awkward but once done for the first time, then it is much easier. To do this, it’s necessary to follow these steps

1. Log in to Instagram from Chrome browser.

2. Onceinsideand with the account active, it’s necessary to click the right mouse button and select the “Inspect” option.

3. In the top left corner of the Chrome options, click on the ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’ tool icon (the icon emulates a mobile and tablet). This will activate the options to choose the type of device to emulate the screen view in the browser.


4. It only remains to press F5 to update and show the new chosen form. Now, it will be possible to see the lower and central button of the camera to upload content to Instagram.

The process from here is the same as on the mobile.

From a Firefox browser:

It is also possible to upload photos to Instagram from a Firefox browser. The procedure is more or less the same.

1. As in the previous case, it’s necessary to access the Instagram page from the Firefox browser and log in to the Instagram account.

2. Once the user is in, it is necessary to drop down the Firefox options from the options menu located in the upper right corner and click on the ‘Web Developer’ option.

3. Right after, choose the ‘Responsive Design View’ option to activate the emulation function.

responsive mode in mac


4. A list of available devices will be displayed at the top edge of the window, and all that remains is to choose the corresponding smartphone model. Again, it is necessary to press the F5 key to refresh the browser view and, at the bottom edge, the option to upload a photo will appear, the same as in the app.

With an external app or extension:

Returning to Chrome, the browser also gives a number of options outside Instagram to emulate the application and be able to upload photos from the computer. In the Chrome Web Store, it’s possible to download an extension for the browser, such as Photo uploader for Instagram, which serves to upload images without opening the ‘app’ on the mobile. That is a simple and intuitive operation.

There are also computer emulators that simulate the screen of a terminal, an example of this is ‘Mobile Browser Emulator’.

Installing this extension, when entering the Instagram website, the only required step is to select the ‘M’ that identifies this extension. Once this is done, it’s just a matter of following the usual procedure.

On Windows 10:

With this operating system there is another option to upload photos to Instagram from the computer. To do this, it’s necessary to go to the operating system’s app store and search for Instagram, it will be required to install it and start using it, although it has quite a few limitations depending on the terminal and the cameras it has.


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