One of the most frequent questions is how to get more followers in Instagram, the trending social network that currently has more than 1.200 million of active users per month in the whole world.

There are several key factors and tips to improve your posts reach and gaining followers.

Let’s see the most relevant of 2021 to achieve this goal.

Create quality content is the main key factor to gain followers:

In Instagram, the content is king.

When we talk about quality content, we mean one that offers an added value and gives some utility and interest for the audience.

In a hypothetical case, if the topic of your profile is healthy lifestyle and you want to impact people who train in a gym, you should share content such as: the recommended routines to gain muscle mass in the gym, the health benefits, the best diets etc. This is crucial to make users to start interacting with your page and become followers.

Create quality content also implies changing. A profile that only posts photos and doesn’t vary could be monotone for followers, that’s why is advisable to use the different types of posts and formats that Instagram offers. These must be posted on your profile alternately and in a specific order to, therefore, make it more attractive for getting more followers. Among the most important types of posts there are:

  • Natural photos or modified with the App’s filters: create flashy photos that perfectly represent what is of your target audience’s interest. Make sure your photos have the best resolution as possible and that they are not pixelated.

  • Photos with art or design: these are perfect for the content making such as tips or advices with pictures and text. Is very important that by the moment you’re making this posts your profile has a defined branding or brand identity, which implies using stablished colors, typography and tone of voice that make your profile stands out among the others and projects a solid image.

  • Concrete 60 second videos: It’s advisable to post them in a square format and with a length of at most 60 seconds, since Instagram users are prompt to stop watching a video when it’s too long. These are very efficient to catch the public’s attention, gaining more interactions and are also ideal for posting contents with a relevant audiovisual complement that, nevertheless, are recorded in a row and don’t require too much editing. For instance, a series of gym exercises, a house or hotel tour, the invitation message for an event, etc.

  • Stories: those are short videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users can add emojis, stickers, text, links and more. The Instagram stories tend to have a high interactions rate, which makes it an efficient resource to make your audience know when you have uploaded something new in the feed or when you want to link and take visitors to a content either inner or external. It’s advisable to use at most 10 stories in a day.

  • Reels: it is Instagram’s new tool created in 2020 as a response to TikTok. Consists in videos with a duration of between 15 and 60 seconds which are characterized by having music and a more elaborate production level. That’s why usually must be recorded in a single block and, after that, edit one by one. Reels become part of the video format that is trending in the social media, characterized by having a short and entertaining content that tends to get viral.

Considering all these factors, according to the content’s characteristics that you are about to upload and what your target audience is looking for, you should define which one is the type of post that suits the best for this content.

A lot of people wonder who the person with the highest number of followers in the world is and how have gotten them. The answer is Cristiano Ronaldo who, by September 2021 has 346 million followers. To hold this place, besides his obvious worldwide fame, it also has been decisive his high level of large engagement. That’s why is so important that your profile has variety of content as well as content quality, which certainly will have an impact on the number of followers you gain.

Use hashtags properly

In Instagram, all types of posts allow using hashtags. These are words follewed by the numeral sign (#) and that’s how the post with the tag will be found by users.

According to the public your profile is focused in, you should search the most relevant hashtags. The app itself includes a hashtag generator that will help you to know which ones are trending.

You can search hashtags for different types of content, categories and even Instagram communities. You just have to go to “Preview”, select “Caption” and tap in “Hashtag’s search”.

In the same way, out of Instagram, there are professional tools that will give you more detailed information about which are those hashtags that are perfect for your market space, the ones with the best conversion, its use for country or city and even other hashtags that are not being used and that could be trending in the future. Among the most prominent tools there are Hashtracking and Hashtagify.

It has been proved that using hashtags helps to reach a larger public which, in turn, increases chances of gaining followers in Instagram. It’s important to vary and mix tags using the most general in the social network and the most popular in the target public.

There is not an average number of how many hashtags can be used in each post, but it’s advisable to use between 9 and 30, which is the maximum allowed. But the most important is making a right analysis that assures you that the chosen hashtags are going to generate visits for your profile that will turn into new followers.

Use Reels to gain followers

If you can make a reel that gets viral, you will get followers in Instagram almost guaranteed. However, this is not an easy job and that’s why you should consider that the algorithm works according to these aspects to position reels:

  • Must be funny and entertaining. If your reel makes the viewer smile, Instagram will notice it.

  • Must be easy to replicate. Instagram wants the reel’s content to become trendy, so more people feel motivated to participate.

  • Must be in a vertical format.

  • The music used in the reel must come, mainly, from the Instagram music store.

  • You must use creative tools like stickers, camera filters and texts.

  • Videos must be in an excellent resolution. The algorithm will ban blurred videos.

Once exposed these tips, now it goes on you searching trending topics of your market space interest and start to conceive that reel that will show all your originality and creativity and that will make you gain more followers.

To start your reel’s making enter to the “Reels” tab, press the camara icon in the right top corner and choose your reel’s length. Once determined the video length, you can choose how long will be each selected clip or shot.

In the chronometer icon you have the option of configure the countdown before starting the recording. You can choose a length of at least 3 and at most 10 seconds for the chronometer.

Recording a good reel, generally, implies to make several shots and clips. Once the shots are as you want them to be, you must put them together, add music (if it is the case) and finally you can use the drawing and text tools and the stickers to give it that special touch that is so appealing in Instagram.

Now you should add the reel’s thumbnail photo which can be predetermined by Instagram or added from your cellphone’s roll. To increase the chances your reel gets viral it is advisable to create a thumbnail photo separately and add it from the roll, so the image gets even more attention from the public and invites to interact and watch the video.

Finally, it’s only a matter of taping the sharing button and monitor the reel performance, keeping in mind that it must get viral.

Consider that, other advantage reels have is that, unlike stories, reels remain in the feed and that’s why they can be watched as many times as wanted.

A good position reel gives the chance of constantly gaining followers in time.

Keep a regular timeline for your Instagram post

Set the goal of uploading content with a fixed frequency that shows consistency, in the same way, it is important to have a week timeline for your posts. For instance, some days for photos, other days for videos and others for the reels.

If you upload content consistently, you’ll keep your followers active and constantly     interacting with your profile and that way, Instagram’s algorithm will reward you increasing your posts reach taking them to more people that could become followers.

Instagram metrics recent research have proved that, in North America as well as in South America, the most advisable is to post during the morning hours. So, during the rest of the day, users will see the content gradually. The same research revealed that the time zone between the afternoon and the night is the one with more interactions.

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