If you have made it through here, you may be looking to discover about this concept everybody is talking about, because it seems to be the key of success for a lot of companies and brands. We are talking about digital arketing, a concept that has been taking a lot of popularity in recent times.
Because of that, we have prepared the next article, where we want to tell you about this concept and how to do digital marketing and apply it to your business strategy.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, consists in all those activities or trategies from advertising or commercial type that you can run in digital channels. This conception began to enforce in the earlies 90s, generating a total revolution in the way brands and enterprises communicate and persuade their potential clients through the internet.
Nowadays, digital marketing plays a principal role in people’s purchase decision of goods and services. Every person can explore via mobile devices and have more access to the information of what and where to buy.

How to do digital marketing?

The concept of digital marketing sounds pretty good, but apply it to our commercial or advertising strategy can be a little more complicated. However, when we know how to use this powerful tool, great results can be achieved. Because of that, if you wonder how to do digital marketing, we want to tell you that there are different techniques, disciplines or methodologies that can be used in online marketing.

1.Content Marketing

One of the most used strategies by companies in the last few years. This tool is used to create content that attracts a specific group of people with a particular interest. This content can have an informative, educational or entertainment tone. The main goal is to offer valuable content not only to attract, but to build loyalty on those who already believe in your brand.
Some of the contents that can be created thru a content marketing strategy are:

Blog posts

2. SEO (Search engine optimization):

This tool is used to optimize your web site in order to perform better on search engines like Google. A good SEO strategy starts by making an analysis of the search volume and intentions of our potential clients, so you can structure your site in response to that. The effort that you make in SEO could lead you to the top positions on search engines so you can have more organic visitors. SEO use to be a time demanding strategy and we have to be patient for the results to show up, but demands less money investment compere to other channels.
If your website has a good SEO strategy and structure, the search engines algorithms will promote you to the very top positions.

3.SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM makes reference to the ads we can find in search engines, a paid content that can offer more specific segmentation and let you control the entire campaign. When you make SEM, you are looking for immediate results.

4. E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is another powerful digital tool you can use to reach your marketing goals. It’s all about taking advantage of your database to send valuable communications
by e-mail.

You can use e-mail marketing to send promotions, event invites, upgrades or new developments, new blog posts, new features, new products, and much more. The main purpose of this kind of tactic is to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your clients and to promote our brand.

5. Social Media Marketing:

What we know as Social Media Marketing are those posts that brands post on their Social Media profiles for people to engage with them. Is well known that Social Media is a very popular way to socialize nowadays.
When online Social Networks were created, their main goal was to entertain and get to know new people. Now, they have become a very important method of communicating a message effectively, helping to build brand’s credibility with your online community. When an enterprise uses Social Media, it can achieve different kinds of goals. Mainly:

Build digital reputation.
Build community.
Engage with its community and communicate with it in a fast and effective way.
Increase the lead acquisition.
Improve its sales volume.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

A great option that has been growing in an exponential way in the las few years. It focuses on offering an alternative for those who have a website and want to take advantage of their traffic to monetize it.
A lot of brands, businesses and enterprises are looking to promote their products on this kind of Affiliate Marketing websites, whether by banners or reviews, the attributes or benefits of our product can be shown. The affiliate will take a fee for every new client registered on its name and this will motivate the affiliate to sell your products.

Three Digital Marketing advantages:

Now that we have answered your question about what is and how to do digital marketing, is important that we take a look on the main three reasons why you should do digital marketing.

1. Market segmentation:

When you want to use any marketing strategy, you can achieve a personalized segmentation, precise and very specific. By doing this, we have a clearer picture from the consumer behaviors, their preferences, ages, professional career, gender, among other facts to achieve your goals.

2. Better pricing:

Digital Marketing is way too cheaper than traditional marketing, because you are going to need less investment for the results to begin to show up and receive the return.

3. Metrics and control:

You can make an analysis in real time, with exact metrics that will allow you to adjust campaigns and/or ads and track the results, so your investment will have better results.


A lot of people are wondering how to do digital marketing, a concept that has been taking a lot of popularity in recent times; that has got the main spot in the companies grow and that you should try.
Is important to choose the best tool to implement digital marketing in your business and marketing strategy, keeping in mind the goal of bringing more clients by your side and to nurture those who already believe in your idea.

The best thing about using these techniques is their segmenting capability, their ease of measuring results and their affordable price compared to traditional marketing.