Why delete your Instagram account?

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from social networks. This is something personal and each person is different. There are many to whom a social network has brought so much displeasure that they just want to delete it and forget about it; others are looking for a permanent break. Whatever your reason is, let’s see how to delete your Instagram account and the consequences it has.

In a previous guide we looked at how to upload images to Instagram from your computer. You can keep an eye on it in case you change your mind and decide not to delete the account.

For this guide we have created a profile from scratch in order to show the whole process and not leave it halfway so that, step by step, you can follow the instructions properly. The first thing to keep in mind is that we have to perform this process using a web browser, since from the app it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Alternatives to deleting your Instagram account: Deactivate or restrict your account.

First, we go to the web and log in to the Instagram account we want to delete. We click on our icon (which in this case does not exist, since I have not put any) and give it to “settings”.

Deleting an Instagram account is an irreversible process, so we will not be able to recover anything once it is deleted. This includes uploaded stories, profile pictures, posts, friends, messages… nothing at all, so the first thing Instagram suggests us is to deactivate the account temporarily.

By deactivating an Instagram account, instead of deleting it, it will stay in sleep mode indefinitely, until we manually re-activate it again. No one will be able to contact us on Instagram and we can’t even log in to the account, so maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

There are other options to take a break from Instagram for a while, such as removing all notifications that come to our mobile or make the account private so that outsiders can’t contact us and we have more control over who can see our account.

If you are really looking to permanently delete the Instagram account, we recommend you to perform a download of your data before proceeding. Who knows if in the future you may miss them. This option is found in “Privacy and security”, down to the bottom of the screen.

We will ask for a few confirmations and Instagram will be asked to collect your data to send them to your email.

Once the process is finished, they will send you everything in your account to your email within 48 hours.

Delete your Instagram account definitively step by step

Now we can proceed to completely delete Instagram. Let’s go step by step.

To do this, we go back to the first step, in which we select “Settings” from our icon, on the main screen. We click on the same as before, “Deactivate my Account Temporarily”.

Now we look at the link that has that page, which is as follows:


The only thing that we must do is to change the last word and to go to the new link:


We’ll see that the word “temporary” is changed to “permanent”. With this, the appearance of the web will be as follows:

We can choose any of these options. Basically, by choosing an option, Instagram will suggest you to perform other actions instead of deleting the account. Each of the options carries different suggestions, so, if you really want to delete it, select the one and ignore the prompts.

You will have to enter your password again and then hit the “Delete” button at the bottom. Once you do that, you will see a new window pop up giving you some interesting information.

It turns out that you can’t delete an Instagram account instantly, but that a month must pass before the deletion becomes effective. This implies that whatever you do, a month must pass until your Instagram account is completely deleted.

This process, moreover, can be canceled if requested before the indicated date. This is done for security, in case someone gets into your account and tries to delete it in one go, so you will have a margin of time to recover it if is the case.

It is also true that many of the people who perform this process may later regret it and try to recover their valuable account, so they will have a month of margin in case they want to back out.

Anyway, during this month no one will be able to contact you and you will not appear in any search.

Disappear from Instagram instantly

In summary, in this small guide we have seen how to delete Instagram account permanently, as well as the consequences it has and the process to follow. We have also given alternatives in case that what you want is to rest a little from this social network. Whatever your case is, with this guide you should have access to what you would like to do.

Deleting the account is a simple process, but it takes a month until it is completely deleted, so you can not delete it and disappear from the social network overnight. If that’s what you’re looking for, we suggest you to delete all your posts, stories, profile pictures, follows, following, and everything you can so there will be no trace of you from one day to the next. In addition, you will have to set your account to private and cancel that outsiders can contact you. It is a more cumbersome process, but also more effective, and you can also disappear from Instagram from the sudden.

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