Today we will see how it’s possible to include links in your Instagram stories so that those who see them can also access them and see more information.

Links in Instagram stories are a very powerful tool to take full advantage of this social network.

The links in Instagram stories are in a testing period, according to the company. At first it was only available for verified accounts and little by little it has been opened so that more users can include them. Here it will be explained how to see if the links have been activated and, if so, how to use them.

Instagram is cautiously testing the support of links in Instagram stories. It is important to remember that this social network has been traditionally very much against any link that would take users outside the application. The only link allowed was the one in the bio.

Verified accounts were the first to receive support for including links in Instagram stories and later some users have seen the feature enabled on their account. It is possible to check and see if this is the case quickly and easily.

How to add links in Instagram stories

The first thing to do is create a new story on Instagram, there are three ways to do this: either tap the camera icon, tap on top of the profile picture or swipe the screen to the right.

Next, it’s necessary to record any image or video. To do this it is possible to either take a photo with the camera or grab one of the recent photos from the gallery.

Before spending a lot of time creating the perfect picture, it is better to go to the next step to check if there is the feature enabled or not.

Now the moment of truth has arrived. If there is a button of two interlocking strings next to the button to add stickers, there are links enabled in Instagram Stories. Click the button and, if there’s not, then it’s not possible to add links.

Next, it’s necessary to enter the URL that is intended to link and to make sure everything works correctly, the Preview Link button will open the website. When everything is ready, click Done to continue.

By following these steps, the Instagram story will be completed with a related link and anyone viewing it on mobile will be able to swipe up to open the page linked.

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