You surely are one of the many users that wonder how much YouTube pays, even just for curiosity or because you want to open a channel and get incomes for creating content.

If your dream is to be a youtuber and became a digital entrepreneur, it is important that you have at least an idea of the incomes that you can get and how to earn them through this platform.

That’s why we invite you to keep reading and don’t miss the information that we have prepared for you so you can decide if it’s worth it to spend your time and your effort in a project through YouTube.

With nothing more to say. Let’s check it out!

How much does YouTube pay? 

A content creator will earn money from YouTube according to different factors that includes, among the most important, the following:

Be part of the “YouTube partners program”: In order to start getting incomes with YouTube under the Google AdSense program, first of all you should have been accepted in the platform partners program for which you must fulfill the required conditions.

Those who have a high number of subscribers in the channel could generate a bigger visits average for each video they upload for which they’ll receive higher incomes.

The country of origin of the YouTube channel and the video language also has a notorious influence in the incomes a content creator can receive. So, for example those contents that have been created in English will have more displays. In addition, the commission that YouTube pays usually changes according to the country of origin.    

The number of completed displays and clicks in the advertisement or the advertising added in the video.

The content’s niche usually plays a fundamental role in the range the YouTube videos have. The labels with the highest display percentage are those that belong to educative or commercial subjects.

The videos with more than 10 minutes length offer the chance to add a bigger number of advertisements, which turns into higher earnings for the content creators.

The earning percentage that this social network gives to creators is 68%.

How to start receiving money from YouTube?

To start receiving money through this platform is necessary that you have at least 4.000 hours of display in the last 12 months.    

For example, if the videos you make have a length of about 15 minutes each one, it would result in 16.000 reproduction so you would have set up the options to receiving money in your YouTube account.

Besides completing these display hours, it is essential that you count on a minimum of 1.000 subscribers. 

This is probably the most complex requirement to start monetizing your channel since it’s very usual that a YouTube channel has more than 50.000 reproduction hours without having reach this subscribers number.

It is important to make clear that these requirements are necessary when you gain access to advertisement through AdSense. Moreover, you should have turned 18 years old to make your register effective.     

YouTube pays according to the geographical area

The YouTube payments use to vary according to the geographical area where you are located. This has a special reason to be and is that all depends on the companies that want to hire some advertisement service in this social network.

It’s functioning usually is as follows: companies hire the advertisement services in YouTube, they choose the country where they are intending to advertise, the subject and the date they want to do it.   

In case that many companies are performing the same action, the advertisement price will increase since the CPT (Cost Per Thousand Displays) will also increase which has a very positive impact in the youtubers earnings, since their RPM (Income Per Thousand Displays) will increase as well.

How much does YouTube pay according to the country?

Now that we have exposed the reasons why geographical area is one of the determining factors for the percentage of monetization your channel can get, we want to introduce you some approximate numbers of the payments received for YouTube channels in some countries like Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

First of all, it is important to make something clear: making the math of the money a content creator can receive can be very complex having in account that some factors, like the followers number, are essential to receive an incomes percentage.

How much does YouTube pay to the content creators in Spain?

Spain is a country with a great number of content creators that stand out in a global level such as, for example, Rubius or AuronPlay.

In this country, the payment this social network generates is 1 euro per each 1.000 displays obtained in one video. There also exist factors that can increase those incomes, such as the reproduction rate and that a subscriber taps in the advertisement banner. 

How much does YouTube pay to the content creators in Colombia?

Colombia is also one of the markets with a great number of content creators that have used this platform to undertake and receive incomes.

Those who make videos in this country will receive around 0,48 dollars per each 1.000 displays. In case you accumulate 1 million of visits you could get to earn around 480 dollars.

How much does YouTube pay to content creators in Mexico?

Mexico stands out for having youtubers that are very recognized in a world level such is the case of Luisito Comunica, one of the most popular in the Hispanic market.    

In this country the content creators usually earn an average of 0,48 to 1,90 dollars per each 1.000 displays in each one of their videos. Those who have 1 million subscribers could get to earn from 480 to 1900 dollars per each video.

Other alternatives to earn money with YouTube

We’ve seen how much YouTube pays with the advertisement system, however, one of the characteristics of this platform is that offers different alternatives for those who want to undertake with an audiovisual content and receiving incomes.

We want to describe in detail these other options for you to keep in mind:

Incomes for the Super Chat and Super Stickers that can be obtained for the fans who want their messages to be highlighted in the chat when a live streaming is performed.

The content creators could receive payments for getting new members for the channel that make allocations in exchange of benefits, such as the exclusive content or videos without advertisement.

Make direct advertising for brands in the videos, in which youtubers publicize products through reviews.

It is also possible to obtain incomes for the selling of the products offered by the youtuber personal brand.

Another option to receiving incomes is through spectators that have acquired YouTube Premium. 

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