Facebook has a powerful ads management tool called Facebook Ads Manager.

Around 1.7 billion people use Facebook every day and they watch ads on this social media, so you should take advantage of this easy to use and relatively inexpensive tool, because it is a huge opportunity for you as a business owner to get ideal customers.

In a not difficult way, you can run your own ads in Facebook but also in Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. With just one campaign, you can reach thousands of people through their cell phones, tablets or PCs.

The cost to reach 1.000 people in your target audience is approximately 7.30 dollars, that makes Facebook one of the cheapest and most effective platforms in the world.

In Facebook Ads Manager you can watch your campaigns, make changes and check results, you will be able to accomplish a lot of things to help your business or product launch. These are the special features it provides:

  • Set up facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Create new adds or set of ads.
  • Manage ads offers on facebook.
  • Improve your advertising campaigns.
  • Keep a performance record of your campaigns.
  • A/B test to check your advertising campaign on Facebook Ads Manager.

To summarize it, you have everything you need. In the following lines we will guide you step by step so you can learn how to use this tool by yourself.

How to use Facebook Ads Manager correctly

To start advertising on Facebook you will need to set up your Facebook ads Manager account. The first thing that you have to do is to log in your Facebook account and click Create Ad on the menu on the top right corner.

Ads Manager will create an account for you and will guide you so you can set your first advertising campaign. Alternatively, you can close the screen by clicking the close option on the bottom left corner.

Now you have to click on the main menu on the top left corner to watch and surf through the different tools and options.

Step 1: Explore

Once you click the main menu you can see all the options of the Campaign Administrator set in five sections: Plan, Create and Manage, Measure and Report, Assets and Settings.

When you click on Create a campaign, it’s going to ask you what your campaign objective is, you have to select from 3 options:

  1. Awareness (Brand awareness, local awareness, reach). These options are mainly to launch your Facebook page so your brand or business has more exposure and can be more known.
  2. Consideration (Traffic, Engagement, App install, video views, Lead generation, Messages).
  3. Conversions, Product Catalog series, Store visit.

After using Facebook Ads Manager for a while, you will see a new menu with the frequently used sections so you can find the tools that you usually use faster.

Here you have a swift introduction of the options in each section of the menu. Once you start to create ad campaigns it will be useful to know which tools are available and where to find them.

Frequently Used

If you don’t see a tool that you want to use, click on All the tools in the bottom section to watch all the general information.


The strategy section has tools that will let you know your audience or clients and give you creative ideas for your ads.

Audience Insights

This tool allows you to find much information about different audiences on Facebook so you can come across useful advertising tips when you ask Facebook to give you data about people who like your page.

If you want to know how this works you have to tell Audience Insights what you want to learn about Facebook users who like your page. It will show you several tabs with information about the people who like your business page.

Audience Insights Features

The first tab is Demography. This graphic will let you know the age and gender of the people who like your page. The demographic data can also show you how much they earn, if they are married and their level of education. 

This information is very useful so you can write ads and use images that are appropriate and appealing to your target.

Creative Hub

The Strategy section has a tool called Creative Hub where you can create, ad mockups so you can share them with an advertising or marketing team and get new ideas for your ads or campaign.

Create and Manage

In this section you will find tools to create your own ad and to manage your campaigns.

Business Manager

If you manage more than one page or you have a team that helps you with the advertising Business Manager will help you with the organization of these accounts.

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