It is not a secret that, with more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is the influencers social network.

A massive number of them use it more frequently to promote services or products and earn money for each sponsored post for their audience due to the great attraction, interaction and traffic they generate through their followers.

The frenzy for wanting to be popular has driven a market for buying and selling followers that keeps growing, despite the platforms’ efforts to eradicate these activities.

Below, we are going to show you a series of facts that we have compiled to show you why it is not a good practice to buy Instagram followers through the internet.


On most of the cases, the purchased followers are not even real people, they are bots that, although they can generate basic interactions for your account, they are not providing real engagement that can boost a brand or an influencer.

Depending on the number of real followers an account has, there is an overall average engagement:

Less than 1,000 followers: about 8% engagement.

From 1,000 to 10,000 followers: about 4%.

From 10,000 to 100,000 followers: around 2.4%.

From 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers: about 1.8% participation.

More than 1,000,000 followers: near 1.7%.

These averages, however, are much lower when the followers are not real, but purchased. Therefore, the purchase of fans only serves to fatten the follower counter.

Newly acquired followers do not get involved with the contents of the account and lower the engagement values, since they do not offer enough likes or comments, and if they do, it is clear that they have not been made by a real person.


In its effort to improve the user experience on the platform, Instagram is given the task of identifying and eliminating fake accounts, which represents a loss of resources for the brand when deciding to invest in this type of profiles.


Another reason why is not advisable to buy followers on Instagram is that it’s a practice that violates the platform’s terms of use, as well as its community standards, as you can see in the following links:[0]=Instagram%20Help&bc[1]=Privacy%20and%20Safety%20Center

In the terms of use, Instagram makes it clear: no action can be taken that prevents the service from functioning as intended.

The community rules are even clearer: there is a section that explicitly mentions the need to encourage relevant and genuine interactions, as said in the following quote:

“In order to help us eradicate spam, don’t make your likes, followers or times your content is shared increase artificially.”

Therefore, by buying followers on Instagram you are in breach of the terms of use and community rules, so the platform can block your account for engaging in dishonest practices.


When the actual members of the community you are forming or the users of the platform suspect that the account has something unusual on it, they will start questioning, not only about the use of social networks, but also if doing business with you is worth it or this kind of dishonest practices are also found in you as a person.


As much as we would like to think that people don’t know about social media, the truth is that any moderately active user on social networks is able to identify fake followers from real ones. And there’s nothing worse than looking bad in front of potential customers with something so obvious.

Instead of trying to increase the numbers of your community in any way, focus on taking care of the ones you already have and making content they want to share with their friends. That’s how you get true and, most importantly, loyal followers.


We’ll repeat it until the end of time: content is your most powerful weapon. To capture the follower’s attention you need interesting, funny, eye-catching and useful posts. No matter how many followers you have, if your content is conspicuous by its absence or lack of quality, interaction will be minimal, and your brand will not progress.


If you think your profile along with all your (REAL) followers, with all your photos, Likes and comments is barely worth $15, then go ahead: resort to the easy way and spend that money on one of those packs with 1.500 followers and then, sit back and wait for the Likes and comments to come in and your popularity on Instagram to skyrocket. We assure you that this is not going to happen. In fact, the most likely thing is that, sooner or later, Instagram will notice, you will lose them all and you will be left with 0 followers in your account and $15 less in your pocket.

Miracles do not exist even if you pay for them. Do not expect that by paying $15, $40 or $100 you will become a relevant instagramer in just 2 days and also have 10.000 or 50.000 more followers waiting for you to post photos to fill them with comments or Likes.

In short, if you are really interested in gaining followers on Instagram, getting those followers to interact with you or your brand, giving likes, commenting on your photos or even posting their own photos with your brand hashtag, then we are sorry to tell you that this can only be achieved with time and effort.


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