There is no doubt about the power and reach that google has. Today millions of people use Google maps to search for nearby shops or businesses within a six miles range. Almost 50% of all Google searches are used to look for local stores.

This means that if you are a local business owner, you must have your store on Google maps as soon as posible, if not, you are losing a lot of clients and therefore money. It doesn’t matter how good your store is,  unfortunately, it wouldn’t exist for the world if you don’t create a Google my business page for it and it is seen on Google maps. 

If your business is not on Google maps but your competitor business is, you will miss more clients. But don’t panic, we will guide you to get on the map so your store can show as one of the local businesses and take off. When your shop or business is on Google maps it will appear when people are searching for businesses like yours on Google search and on Google maps.

Today is the time that you show your potential customers where your business is located and everything that it offers, so here we are going to show you how to add your business on Google:

Get new customers, get more profits

If you don’t have your business listed on Google, you have to open an account with Google my Business.  

The process that you should follow to create your Google business is very easy and is free, it will only take you a few minutes. You can create it at To start, you must have a gmail account, then click Sign In. If you have a previous account,  you should sign in with it first, make sure that you type the password and all the information correctly.

Having a Google business page will help searchers locate and visit your shop or business, it will automatically submit your business information to google map, google plus, google search research etc. 

Once you claim you Google my business page you will have access to a dashboard where you can update your business information, upload photos, respond to online reviews and watch data about how people interact with your page.  All these benefits will bring customers into your store.

Add your business on Google map easily
There are 3 ways to have your Google my business profile, but this one is easier:

1. Go to Google map and add your business
2. Enter business name and address
3. Put a pin
4. Verify Your Business
1. Go to Google map and add your business 
Go straight to Google maps and go to the street where your shop or business is. Right click on it and select the option “Add your business”.

2. add your name and email

To add your shop you should write its name, make sure that you write it right, and click next. You should fill all the information requested as business category which is very important to choose correctly because in this  way Google will classify your store or business.

Then you will be asked to select your state, city, add a location where customers can visit or address, phone number, web site and zip code. You should provide all the information. Finally it will tell you that there will be a verification. 

In reference to the address information Google asks you if you deliver goods and services, you should click that If your business is for instance, a take out service, or a cleaning service and you don’t have to provide your address because this can confuse your clients.

3. Put a pin on your store o business

Google shows you a map of the area that you’ve entered on the prior screen and a red pin. Put it in the exact location of your business, a mistake could confuse your potential customers, so make sure that you get it right.

4. Verify your business 

Google needs to be sure that you really are the owner of the business. So they will send you a pin or code to your business address or to your business phone number, whatever option you chose, wait until you get your pin and then enter it in your account to successfully register your business on Google maps.

When you complete the verification process, it is all set, users will be able to get directions to your business, the address, phone numbers, they can leave reviews, view photos and much more. 

As the owner of the business, you can create promotional information, after you claim your Google my business page you will have access to a dashboard where you can update your business information, add pictures, respond to reviews and watch data about how people interact with your page. 

With Google business you can watch the search volume, how many times your store’s directions were requested and you will get phone calls from the searchers.

All these benefits will definitely bring more clients to your business.

If your business is already listed on Google maps…

If your business appears on Google maps, but you didn’t list it, you should follow the steps to claim your business on Google and claim its ownership. Probably you did not set it but you had a customer who did it, maybe to write a review, and google rely on user generated information. Claim your business and provide the info, is easy too.

If you want to add an additional user to your Google my business account, so he can also add information and watch reviews of your customers you can do it. 

Once you’ve verified your account, you just have to go to the left side of your Google business profile and scroll down to users, click it, and in the top to the right side. you will see a silhouette with a plus button, click on that and enter the email account of the person that you want, then choose the role that you want for the person. He or she will receive an email to accept the invitation.