Nowadays, online advertising represents a very effective resource for any brand. Considering that by making use of the appropriate channels it will be possible to reach a wide audience to know the products or services we offer. 

This type of alternative is much cheaper than traditional advertising and represents a more striking option considering that most people around the world have access to the Internet. 

In the following article we want to show you 5 effective ways to advertise online. 

First, we will take a look at what Internet advertising is and the advantages it brings. 

What is online advertising?

Internet advertising is the tool through which a company, entrepreneur, content creator or brand in general, can promote itself and thus reach a target audience offering its products or services, using different channels that are present on the network. 

Digital advertising seeks to meet or create the needs of a specific audience, generating a direct interaction so they can establish contact with our brand and realize a conversion. 

It is an excellent alternative to persuade a consumer, either to know our brand or make a purchase, best of all is that you can have access 24 hours a day, depending on the duration of ads.  

Advantages of digital ads

There are many advantages of online advertising, one of the most notorious is the reach that can be achieved and the availability 24 hours a day. In addition, there are others that we will talk about next:


compared to traditional advertising, it is much cheaper to invest in digital advertising. 

Ease of creation:

of course there are professionals specialized in the creation of online advertising, however, it is not such a complex process to design or implement. 

Analysis and measurement:

perhaps the great advantage of online advertising is that we can carry out an analysis and measurement of the results in real time. 

High effectiveness:

considering that we can segment the target audience we want to reach. 

Gain relevance:

by promoting our brand on the Internet we will also make our services known and even attract new followers and consumers. 

Quite flexible:

by being able to change the type of ad in a practical and simple way in a short time.  

5 effective ways in which you can advertise on the Internet

Now that we have analyzed some of the advantages, it is time to review the 5 most effective ways in which we can advertise online. Remember that all this can be conditioned to the budget and the type of digital strategy you have designed. With this in mind, let’s review them in detail: 

1. Search engine advertising 

Search engines are a very effective and powerful channel for digital advertising. The most well-known method is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). 

When doing this type of advertising, people who are interested in purchasing a product and do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, can find at the top of the results, usually 3.

It is a fairly customizable advertising and works through auction, usually used through what is known as pay per click (PPC), in other words, you will only make payment on each click that is made on your ad. 

2. Banners 

This is the best-known Internet advertising tool and the first to appear on the Internet.  They are ads designed in different formats, colors and sizes that are strategically placed on a web page. 

The objective is to attract the attention of visitors and make them click on the banner in order to be redirected to your website. In the past, only still images or text were used; nowadays, video or gif format ads give a more sophisticated and modern touch.   

3. Advertising in social networks 

It is one of the formats that has become more popular in recent years, considering that many people spend much of their time in a social network. 

It is a very effective channel to reach our target audience, through the creation of ads with some promotion or showing the types of products or services we offer. Many brands have even opted to use Social Ads to publicize an event.  

4. Email marketing

It is one of the most used techniques to carry out advertising on the Internet. It consists of making the promotion through email, it is not only about sending information to sell, it can also be used as a means to build customer loyalty or attract a new audience. 

One of the great advantages of using this tool is that the user has previously left their contact information, whether they are a customer of our brand or are interested in receiving some type of information. 

5. Video marketing

Finally, the last format that we recommend using to carry out digital advertising is video marketing.

A powerful tool that is on the rise and has served to consolidate major brands worldwide. 

You can create content in multimedia format and promote it on social networks or even on websites as we have already mentioned. 

It is usually an cheap way to advertise, although it involves a lot of creativity and use of cameras with great resolution to offer the experience we want to all users or customers to whom the advertising reaches. 


Online advertising is an extremely effective resource to carry a message and attract the attention of a target audience. It is a cheap alternative compared to traditional advertising and has a wide reach, being able to reach anyone in the world. 
We have the possibility to segment and measure the results in real time, so we can get a clear picture of the impact and the level of effectiveness that this advertising has had. 
There are a lot of effective tools that we can use to create an eye-catching advertising such as search engine advertising, banners, social ads, email marketing and video marketing.

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